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Contact Information

The preferred method of contact is via e-mail:

Mail and Express Mail:
(Do not direct grant requests to this address unless you have been specifically directed to do so.)

Ashbury Children's Foundation
3621 Loma Vista Avenue
Oakland, CA 94619


How We Are Funded &
Financial Information


The Foundation is funded by the rents collected from leasing the child care center and from the earnings on the investment of available cash in a money market fund or CDs.

The Foundation does not seek grants. However, if the child care center tenant seeks grants from government or non-government sources, the Foundation will support the organization's grant request.

Financial Information

The Foundation's fiscal year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30 each year. Since the Foundation is registered with the Registrar of Charitable Trusts, in the California Attorney General's Office, we file annual reports that are available at: http://justice.doj.ca.gov/charitysr/trust_list.asp?CT_INT=21505&intPageT=1

Currently, reports for the last five years are available at this site. The Foundation's registration number is 21505. Reports can be downloaded from this site.